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tv   [untitled]    November 5, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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>> welcome to a special edition of main stage. the first anniversary. time to look back at one year of great performances from the stage of san francisco's main library.
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we will key the authors, poets and playwrights, the story tellers and the photographers and hear music brought to our stage from 4 continents. we will also meet some of the people that help bring the performances from the coet auditorium to your television screen. time to celebrate, main stage year 1. >> 3 cups of tea with each other. >> doesn't anybody care? >> i have been on the river for 7 days... >> our first performance is one of our most popular on line
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videos. the dance company around the bay area and around the world. educating audiences of the culture of north india. the movement of a cottic dance. [music] [music] [applause].
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[music] [music]
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only 5 years the festival has established itself as the premiere over view of san francisco's lively literary scene. the week long event draws 10,000 people to the city's book stores, night clubs and of course it's libraries. here in the coret auditorium. 2 days of reading. show casing 50 writers from all walks of life. the event was like speed dating to find the next companion for your night stand. >> i'm paying this woman more than a hundred bucks an hour and she's laughing at me. this should tick me off but it seems to put me at ease.
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let me make sure i'm following this one. you lost a guy you were tracking in your rear view mirror. you are convinced you did the guy in. well, yeah, i guess. it sounds stupid when she throws it back and i get what she's doing. trying to make me recognize the obsurdity of what i'm telling her. you don't you killd that guy? >> i could have. >> right and his body bounced 3 blocks where it landed on a hypodermic needle. >> when i was your age, only the rich girls had parties. i dreamed this this day since the daughter told me you would be a little girl. she pinched my cheeks. everything will be fine, you see. i saw something tighten in my
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chest the way i saw her gazing out at the party. highway could i say, no? okay mom, i knew i would regret this. >> of course not i understand democracy is people power the people chose whom they want. our education system has been gutted the president says our childrens has not been doing. people get the news from the few new outlets. josh, are you saying you will believe in democracy once people catch up to you? >> of course, not. brian, you know i'm a mess. i say i will believe in democracy when the people catch up to you because you are a substantial person. and i don't understand how this happened we started so similarly, brian and i. 2 east coast jews.
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both studied at princeton and studied under the same political theorists. here we are 2 guys in our shared park in berkeley my son the same age as his daughter. why out of the 2 of us only one has bottom an adult. >> i'm never getting married. she sank back against the ground. i sat then next to her i could smell fabric softener. >> this is nothing hoeky about loving something with all your heart. that's not how anyone has loved me. that's why they leave me. i'm everyone's good luck charm but mine. >> she was right.
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there was nothing hoeky about a great love to span a lifetime. >> love struck couples staring into each other's eyes. waitress with tired legs waiting for the end of her shift receives a visit from johnitto. he turns, one last time to the faces above the steaming plates before he's out. into the neon lit street leaving behind a trail of rose petals, dark as sacrificial hearts. >> if we killed you now, if we took aim for your belly with our cross bow or laser sight and pulled a trigger or let a tipped arrow rip through the night air, there would not be a story to tell. so, while we lay and wait for
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you to appear, chewing the fat, lit up on beer. lit up on the last of the evening light, we will honor ~ess you in speech laszo you with language and make you bleat like the common peg you were. >> one of my favorites lines. we are spending a lot of time studied enequalities in algebra which makes sense, >> we have a wide range of forces that we call upon. and we try to respond to the diverse community throughout san francisco. we may partner with cultural organizations. we support literary organizations and lit quake that we do annualy. we might be promoting an author
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reading who is on a national book tour. there is just a wide range. and oftentimes we go out to the community and seek the partn partnerships or they might approach us with an idea for an event or program. as well as we have active community minded staff throughout the library who have a wealth of resources and ideas at their finger tips. they often bring ideases and from that we create programs. >> that was a really great program. that came to us as a lot of events and programs do through our book seller community. bo and our staff worked to bring poets and writers for a wonderful program. we had over a hundred people that attend third degree event in the auditorium. from that, bo is continuing to
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do work toward the knobby street project today. >> on march fifth 2007 a car bomb was exexploded in baghdad, more than 30 people were killd and more than a hundred were wounded. this local is the historic center of baghdad book selling. a winding street filled with book stores and out door book stalls. named after the famous 10th century arab poet, this is an old and established street for book selling and has been for hundreds of years. book selling on this street is no different from book selling here. we traffic in memory, ideas and dreams. in that sense we feel the street
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starts at the front door of all of our book shops. monthknabe street starts here. >> just before the street was eviscerated by a searing length of deaths and despair, delusion and destruction that destroyed more than the 30 lives. twisted more than the 100 souls who were bent and crippled amidst it's rage. just before the moment you were the proclamation, the prayer as they summoned and swore laugh, controlled, denied and affirmed. did you hear the words as they fell. for 2,000 years we have. what do you think. this says, map, border, resistance. truth. spirit, faith. doctrine, domaine. love, free, open, winds, cut. did you here the euphony of the
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street like birds among the fluttering leaves of their books and newspapers as they addressed if not solved, defined if not created the problems and the promise of tomorrow? did you hear the explosion, the screech, the howl the scream. did you even know? >> the photograph. the photograph was of an iraqi boy on the front page of the new york times. he sat at the edge of the truck. 8 or 9 years old. surrounded by his family. his father, mother and 5 siblings were asleep. his head was buried in his hands. all the clouds of the world were waiting on the threshold of his ice. let all man wipe off the sweat and start the digging the 7th
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grace. >> for nearly a hundred years there was a station in the middle of san francisco. chinese were detained before being allowed to enter the u.s. in this reading, writer nancy om, takes the audience to angel island. >> palm trees faced us when we landed. they were like garred yens to pass the golden gate we told them what wement todd hear. on the island of desperate dreams we shed our skins and wore new ones. burned our parents name and let our pasts curl into smoke. >> no longer my father's daughter. no longer my husband's wife. only the sea gulls know who i really am.
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for months we were held in separate rooms. the dampness seeped through the bunks and gnawed or bones. at night the wales of ghosts kept us awake. 32 steps to my father's house, 4 windows facing north. 24 steps to my uncle's house, 2 doors facing south. i have 3 sisters, 2 brothers, 4 cousins on my father's side. now i store the memory in a drawer. along with bitter herbs and rhineos ris horns. we dine at restaurants on the better side of town with pink table cloths and real flowers in the vases. we hardly


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